07/25/2021 - World natural resources may run out by 2040 - study

A study predicted that if the world's economy and population continue to grow at their current pace, natural resources will run out within 20 years.

07/25/2021 - Should rivers have the same rights as people?

Around the world, activists are pushing to protect their rivers by giving them legal personhood. Is this just symbolism, or can it drive lasting environmental change?

07/25/2021 - Environmental groups across the St. Louis region stress unity in push for cleaner air

An event held on the banks of the Mississippi River was a symbolic step for communities in both Missouri and Illinois that routinely face similar air quality issues.

07/25/2021 - Reno wildfire smoke linked to increased risk of contracting COVID-19

Cases of COVID-19 rose sharply last year in Reno, Nevada, when a heavy layer of wildfire smoke settled over the city, according to scientists at the Desert Research Institute.

07/25/2021 - The cost of cooling: How air conditioning is heating up the world

As temperatures rise, a new book delves into the environmental toll of America's favorite way to cool off.

07/25/2021 - Industry looks to shape Democrats' clean energy plans

Democrats could face headwinds from industry in their push to enact a number of major climate change policies through the process of budget reconciliation.

07/25/2021 - India on the frontline of climate change

Swathes of India are battling deadly floods and landslides after heavy monsoon rains, just the latest example of how the vast country is on the frontline of climate change.

07/25/2021 - Rat nests contribute to fossil record in odd Wyoming cave

It's time to praise pack rats. The small rodents with big eyes are helping scientists decipher climate change deep inside a chilly Wyoming cave.

07/25/2021 - Climate crisis ‘a hammer hitting us in the head’, says Oregon governor as wildfires rage

As California's biggest wildfire destroyed multiple homes, its flames racing through rugged terrain, and as numerous other blazes battered the American west, the governor of Oregon said the climate crisis was "like a hammer hitting us in the head".

07/25/2021 - $6.7B bill could get clean drinking water to Native American tribes

Proposed legislation calls for $6.7 billion to bring clean drinking water to Native American communities. Indigenous leaders say it's long overdue.