07/25/2021 - Heat wave death toll of 117 will rise with thorough count

When the Washington State Department of Health said this week that the recent heat wave in the Northwest had killed 117 people, many people missed an important word in the announcement: preliminary.

07/25/2021 - Brits told to prepare for 40C days within ten years as extreme heatwaves hit the UK

Britain could have its first 40C day within 10 years, scientists warned. The scorcher would be caused by rising carbon emissions and global warming and could kill thousands, they said.

07/25/2021 - Amid summer of fire and floods, a moment of truth for climate action

Yet another scorching summer has brought more unmistakable reminders that climate change is intensifying and altering everyday life. What will it take for leaders to finally act?

07/25/2021 - Flood deaths in China show road risks from climate change

At least four people died in a highway tunnel in central China that flooded at the same time as a subway tunnel after eight inches of rain fell in a single hour.

07/25/2021 - Chef says climate change can be tackled if you cook the way your momma (really) did

There is nothing more dear to us than our food culture – what our momma cooks, what our grandma fed us. Being told that what is on our plate is hurting the planet can feel like a threat to our souls.

07/25/2021 - Multiple homes destroyed by California's Dixie Fire as blazes continue to rage across the West

The Dixie Fire is one numerous wildfires burning across the west coast, where recent heat waves tied to climate change have made wildfires harder to fight.

07/25/2021 - Roses out, olives in: The new English garden in a time of climate crisis

Oxford Botanic Garden is 400 years old, but the climate emergency is forcing a review of what seeds it sows for the future.

07/25/2021 - What growing avocados in Sicily tells us about climate change and the future of food

Climate change is shifting the frontiers of where food is grown as farmers and agricultural businesses adapt to warmer temperatures around the world.

07/25/2021 - Anger as 'polluters with vested interests' brought in to key climate talks

More than a hundred executives with links to industries blamed for pollution were permitted to take part in vital international talks to combat climate change.

07/25/2021 - FirstEnergy says it paid millions for political favors

Scandal-plagued FirstEnergy Corp. has acknowledged that it paid millions of dollars to a former Ohio House Speaker and a former utility regulator for help passing controversial energy legislation in 2019.