07/26/2021 - Toyota led on clean cars. Now critics say it works to delay them

The auto giant bet on hydrogen power, but as the world moves toward electric the company is fighting climate regulations in an apparent effort to buy time.

07/26/2021 - As China boomed, it didn't take climate change into account. Now it must

China’s breathtaking economic growth created cities ill-equipped to face extreme weather. Last week’s dramatic floods showed that much will have to change.

07/26/2021 - EU, China unveil sweeping plans to cut greenhouse-gas emissions

The European Union and China announced sweeping plans to limit greenhouse-gas emissions that will increase costs for industry and consumers but drew criticism from environmentalists as not going far enough to slow climate change.

07/26/2021 - Rush to build EV charging stations comes without promise of profit

Utilities and startups are joining forces to bridge gaps between cities with networks like those pioneered by Tesla, but earnings remain uncertain.

07/25/2021 - There’s never been a better time to buy a sustainable wetsuit

The first Yulex wetsuits were expensive and stiff, but with more wetsuit makers adopting the technology, that's changed.

07/25/2021 - How protecting the Tongass helps Alaska’s economy

Despite GOP rhetoric, selling America's largest rainforest to China was actually bad business

07/25/2021 - Noise pollution affects practically everything, even seagrass

Seagrass may not have ears, but that doesn’t stop noise pollution from causing serious damage to the plant’s other structures.

07/25/2021 - DFO's closures of Pacific coast salmon fisheries leave workers reeling

Commercial fishers are paying the price for a 'collective failure' to minimize impacts to wild salmon populations, one watchdog says.

07/25/2021 - B.C.’s rare inland rainforest at risk of collapse, scientists warn

The province’s unique inland temperate rainforest is home to endangered species and cedar trees more than 1,000 years old — but its old-growth ecosystems could be destroyed in less than a decade if logging continues at its current pace

07/25/2021 - Yep, it’s bleak, says expert who tested 1970s end-of-the-world prediction

A controversial MIT study from 1972 forecast the collapse of civilization – and Gaya Herrington is here to deliver the bad news.