07/27/2021 - India landslides and floods from monsoon rains kill scores

Every monsoon season poses risks to the country, but this one is shaping up as especially destructive as climate change turbocharges rainfall.

07/27/2021 - Pacific Northwest heat wave study predicts more extreme heat

A study suggests that the world can expect more record-shattering heat waves in the future, unless drastic action is taken to curb climate change.

07/26/2021 - California's water crisis comes for the birds

For years, California rice farmers have aided bird migration by flooding their fields in the off season. But this year, they barely have enough water to grow their crops.

07/26/2021 - A snapshot of Alaska's Yukon Delta shows climate change’s effects

Water and ice helped form the Yukon River’s delta. Now, climate change is reshaping it.

07/26/2021 - DEP to require landfills to test for radioactivity from fracking waste

Leachate is tested for dozens of potential pollutants. But until now, landfills haven't had to test it for radium, a radioactive material common in oil and gas waste.  

07/26/2021 - Single-use plastics have boomed during COVID-19. Joana Correia Prata wants to reverse the trend

University of Aveiro microplastics researcher and veterinarian recommends policy priorities for dealing with plastic waste.

07/26/2021 - Dead turtles and waves of plastic show Sri Lankan ship disaster's deep ramifications

Fishing communities have been heavily impacted, and locals fear it will be take years for the island to recover from what environmentalists have called the worst disaster in Sri Lanka's history.

07/26/2021 - Biden administration to curb toxic wastewater from coal plants with new rule

The power plant wastewater rule is one of dozens of Trump administration rollbacks the Biden team is seeking to reverse in its effort to tackle climate change and reduce pollution that often overburden the poorest communities in the United States.

07/26/2021 - Climate scientists meet as floods, fires, droughts and heat waves batter countries

Hundreds of scientists are meeting to finalize a landmark climate report. It’s meant to guide the next decade of international climate policy, but it’s unclear if politicians will act on it.

07/26/2021 - John Podesta, Michele L. Roberts: A path to climate, economic and environmental justice is finally on the horizon

In the next few weeks, congressional leaders have a critical opportunity to join forces with President Joe Biden to turn the tide against climate change, economic inequality, and environmental injustice.