06/17/2021 - We can't fix climate change while supply chains are 'carbon blind'

As societies we are 'carbon blind' to our supply chains, despite them accounting for more than 80% of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

06/17/2021 - Brands like Unilever, Allbirds, Logitech and Panera are adding carbon labels to products, betting transparency will attract consumers

Carbon labels are cropping up on a variety of consumer goods, making visible the carbon footprints of products and services that people use every day.

06/17/2021 - Turkey's land rehabilitation combats drought, desertification

Facing the fallout of climate change, the country has intensified its efforts to improve its land and fight erosion with mass planting and other measures. Thus far, Turkey has recovered about 9.8 million hectares of land.

06/17/2021 - What is a megadrought?

Yes, the West is in extreme drought. But for part of the region, conditions have been bad for decades, rivaling periods in the distant past.

06/17/2021 - Lake Mead water shortage: The shocking numbers behind the crisis

The United States' largest reservoir is draining rapidly. Plagued by extreme, climate change-fueled drought and increasing demand for water, Lake Mead on Wednesday registered its lowest level on record since the reservoir was filled in the 1930s.

06/17/2021 - U.N. warns drought may be 'the next pandemic'

Water scarcity and drought are set to wreak damage on a scale to rival the COVID-19 pandemic with risks growing rapidly as global temperatures rise, according to the United Nations.

06/17/2021 - Australia climate change: Why Scott Morrison cannot rush to net zero emissions

Australians who want stronger action on climate change have been watching Scott Morrison walk so carefully around the subject this week that it seems like he may never get to a destination.

06/17/2021 - Arizona lawmakers advance $100M fire fund in special session

The Arizona Legislature advanced bills creating a $100 million fund to respond to a wildfire emergency after hearing dire warnings from state officials and praise from worried leaders of rural counties and cities amid a brewing fight on the role of climate change in driving blazes and drought.

06/17/2021 - Heat wave peaking in Southwest, breaking hundreds of records

One of the most extreme heat waves ever observed in the western United States this early in the season is near its climax.

06/17/2021 - Greener aviation fuels create fewer contrails. Here's what that means for global warming

Alternative jet fuels that create less soot could reduce the contribution of contrails to global warming, according to new research.