11/29/2020 - NSW's clean energy plan means the federal government is even more isolated on fossil fuels

There may have been other weeks that packed in as many transformative developments in clean energy in Australia as the past seven days, but they don't come often.

11/29/2020 - Wildfire smoke is poisoning California’s kids. Some pay a higher price

Fires are making the state’s air more dangerous. How much that hurts depends largely on where you live and how much money your family has.

11/29/2020 - Labour urges government to include international shipping emissions in CO2 targets

The government is being urged to "take responsibility" for the UK's share of carbon emissions from international shipping after it quietly agreed to let the sector spew out even more CO2.

11/29/2020 - Alabama high schoolers making state a little greener

The Alabama Environmental Youth Council recruited high school students across the state to raise awareness and promote sustainability at their schools.

11/29/2020 - Emissions fall as COVID-19 pandemic grounds flights, halts transport

A sharp slowdown in the use of transport during the pandemic has helped cut Australia's carbon emissions to their lowest levels in three decades.

11/29/2020 - How climate change is hidden in ‘normal’ temperature data

Shifting climate baselines conceal warming that occurred in the past; our new "normals" differ strongly from normals decades ago.

11/29/2020 - Russell Group universities received £60m in funding from coal, oil and gas sector in last five years

Britain's most prestigious universities have taken more than £60m in research and teaching funding from companies in the coal, oil and gas sector in the past five years, The Independent can reveal.

11/29/2020 - Global warming likely to increase disease risk for animals

Changes in climate can increase infectious disease risk in animals, researchers found — with the possibility that these diseases could spread to humans.

11/29/2020 - Decontamination to begin on Schenectady site

The owners of the ALCO Maxon site Parcel C are set to begin cleaning up chemical contamination there in December, according to a notice from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

11/29/2020 - Ranchers, landowners worry about copper mine's plan

The Keystone-Wallace copper mine shut down over 40 years ago, but ranchers are still dealing with the mine's mess.